Yoga & Pilates, Outdoor Fun, Workshops, & Retreats in Haliburton

Nestled in the natural beauty of the Haliburton Highlands, Holness Yoga & Guest Suites offers the ideal fusion of outdoor recreation, education, and yoga. All three are important. Connecting with nature and each other is vital to our health and happiness, learning new and fun things keeps us engaged and vibrant and yoga brings it all together, keeping us present in mind, flexible in body and peaceful in spirit. This is where we thrive.

Our goal is to create an experience rich in inspiration that leaves you feeling both energized and gratified.  We cater to people who want to escape from the stress of the city or simply their everyday life. At Holness Yoga, you can be part of Gail`s daily classes where she shares her understanding of the power of mindfulness and gives you the tools you need to release the stress and anxiety you hold in your mind and body. She`ll empower you by unlocking the secrets of relaxation and healing that will allow your body to feel strong and healthy again.  This is the perfect place to rejuvenate your spirit. We`re small, intimate and best suited to individuals, couples or very small groups`.

Haliburton is a four season destination for both keen adventurers and easygoing nature lovers. We offer simple accommodations and invite you to come, stay and be part of the endless activities that are offered throughout the Haliburton Highlands. Imagine beginning your day with a wonderful yoga class, Thai Yoga Massage or a peaceful paddle along the Burnt River. Book your escape.  There`s never been a better moment.                                                   Call Holness Yoga at 705-455-9294 or email us using the form below.

​​​Yoga & Pilates Classes & Retreats in Haliburton


About Holness Yoga and Guest Suites


We’re the Holness`.  Back when the laws of attraction were hard at work when we were still dating, Mike and I would discuss our dream and its path to fruition.  I owned a restaurant and Mike was teaching in Mississauga.  We would hop in the car and drive to Haliburton for a day of canoeing or biking or simply relaxing by our
favourite lake.  We talked constantly about escaping the tension of the city and moving to Haliburton where happiness would surely be found.  Opening a place where we could share our enthusiasm of active, outdoor experiences with intimate groups of like-minded people was our aspiration.   Well, we cut the chains made the move and started building our dream.  Like most, it was filled with challenges, roadblocks and lots of letting-go.  Sometimes it felt unattainable and on occasion we thought about throwing in the towel.  Fast forward to now and the realization of those dreams!  Holness Yoga is elated to offer the ideal fusion of outdoor adventure,education and yoga in the natural beauty of the Haliburton Highlands.  And we want you to come and be part it!   Reconnect with yourself and the environment and like us, find your own natural state of happiness and tranquillity.  It really is possible.

                           Yes, I do private classes for individuals and groups.