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Monday Aqua Yoga 5:30
Wednesday Aqua Bliss 10:30
Thursday Aqua Yoga 5:30

Aqua Yoga Tone
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I am strong and healthy.

Aqua Yoga To Tone

Strong and healthy is the mantra.  

Practicing yoga/Pilates in Audrey's warm saltwater therapeutic pool is a gift to your muscles and joints. Postures you find hard on land become effortless in the water.  Movements that are effortless on land are challenging in the water. We use the properties of water to strengthen your core muscles, increase your flexibility and improve your posture.

I am open and flexible.

Aqua Yoga For Balance

I am open and flexible is the mantra. Your body is constantly trying to maintain perfect balance but sometimes the stress of life can cause tension. Muscles shorten when they're tense and that alone can pull you out of balance. We will use yoga postures to gently lengthen your muscles and realign your bones to bring balance back to your body and mind.

Aqua Yoga Balance

Monday's at 5:30

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Aqua Yoga Rejuvenate
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I am calm and peaceful

Aqua Yoga To Rejuvenate

I am calm and peaceful is the mantra. Simply stepping into Audrey's therapeutic pool induces relaxation in your muscles. Your body feels weightless, and pressure on the joints is alleviated. We practice mindfulness to let go of our worries and anxieties. The simple act of paying attention to what you are doing and how you are doing it calms your busy mind leaving you feeling rejuvenated and ready for what ever life has to offer you. 


Nagging back pain? Hips and knees that ache?

Shoulders killing you?

Why suffer?

Join me to stretch out those hard-working muscles!

Get your flexibility back and feel great again!

Buy your 4-class pass today!

About our 4-Class Pass

Our 4-Class Pass was designed with you in mind!  We know your life is busy! That's why when you purchase your pass you have three months before it expires. This gives you the freedom to schedule around your vacations, appointments, and family happenings.   Maybe coming to an Aqua Yoga Class twice a month is perfect or maybe you prefer to come twice a week. It's up to you.  You're not locked into any particular day - you choose the classes that fit your schedule.

To purchase your pass please complete the form below so we can get you into Audrey's beautiful salt water pool right away!

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